A New Way to Practice Gratitude (Really!)

GratitudeDo a casual search for gratitude practices and you will find more content than you can deal with. Gratitude has become the “it” word of this decade. Go to any bookstore and just take a look at the array of gratitude journals—more choices than on the cereal aisle of Publix.

So does the world need yet another gratitude journal?

Probably not.

And yet, that’s just what I’ve created. But let me tell you, I think I have something different to offer you when it comes to establishing a gratitude practice. It’s called the TIA Method. T-I-A stands for “thank,” “intend,” and “ask.” In the introduction to the useful template of the pages that follow, I explain how the TIA Method blends the practice of gratitude with the practice intending.

Now this, I’m telllin’ you, is new! I have not seen any other gratitude journal that shows how these two common practices are actually linked, how they become two sides of the same coin when it comes to establishing a useful and heart-expanding daily practice.


to join me for a workshop on the TIA Method this coming Saturday, June 16, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. In addition to me talking about gratitude and intention, David Matteson, Assistant Director of Education at Orlando Museum of Art, will be showing us how to add color, doodling, collaging, and fun mark-making to the journal—as a way to link our gratitudes and intentions to clear, powerful, and productive feelings.

All of this is happening this Saturday in the beautiful Orlando Museum of Art!

Is this cool, or what?

TIA Method JournalYou will receive a 30-day TIA Journal, learn a new and beneficial daily practice, one designed to bring joy and accomplishment into your life—AND, you will experience fun, joy, and creativity with a group of exquisite souls. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I think you’ll be so happy for having experienced this afternoon of purpose and play. Won’t you join us?

Register here.

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