Gratitude Confession #1: Push Back the Darkness



Eckhart Tolle says, “Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” As if there weren’t already enough reasons to practice gratitude, this comes along to seal the deal. Right?



I have kept a gratitude journal for years. I have dozens of Canson spiral-bound sketchbooks filled with my daily gratitudes, intentions, prayers, musings, and serious deliberations. And just recently, I published a gratitude journal, called the TIA Journal. In it, I lay out a method of daily journaling that I practice and also encourage my clients to adopt. It’s kind of a template for listing what you are thankful for, what you intend for your day, and what you need assistance on from a higher power.

It’s this tri-partite practice that distinguishes the TIA Journal from the gazillion other gratitude journals you’ll find in any bookstore. In my introduction to the journal, I assert that we achieve a level of power, benefit, joy, and purpose when we “link” the practice of being grateful with the practice of laying out intentions for our day. In the coming posts, I’m going to write more about these practices and how they fuel one another.



But for this first post of the summer (yeah, I’m a little late in getting started), I’m beginning a new practice of confessing to my readers something I am deeply grateful for. This is an experiment; I’m making a study of myself.

Here’s my hunch: when I go public with something in my life that I’m grateful for, I enlist a slightly different kind of connection with Big Mind. I give a signal to my own consciousness about something that is positive, helpful, beneficial to me. And scientists and mystics alike tell us that when we give a signal to the universe, we always get a response. It’s a law. I have a thought, and that thought somehow, some unfathomable way, comes back to me in form. The poet Hafiz tells us, “The words we speak form the house we live in.” I’ll talk about this provocative idea in later dispatches, but for now, I’m on fire with an urgency to get this new commitment down in writing and posted on the blog.

Here’s why. Yesterday, I was talking with my best friend and my amazing accountability partner, Becky Nickol. I’m so lucky to have her as a friend because she’s had so many career experiences: in business, in financial planning, in counseling and therapy, and more. She just knows a lot. And I get the benefit of her wisdom and experience.

So yesterday, she was helping me think through a part of my business that I’m trying to fix, re-arrange, or get rid of. Don’t know what to do with it. At one point in the conversation, we were talking about Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing, and she asked, "What’s the one thing you want to do with LifeArt Studio?" I said, “I want to spread the enormous benefits of TIA Method.”

“Then it’s easy,” she said. “Every day you need to get up and do “one thing” that in some way (large or small) extends information about the TIA Method.

Ach! Not what I wanted to hear, because my mind immediately went to a fearful place, a place that says I need to become a marketer. A role for which I am constitutionally unfit.

She quickly pointed out how limited my thinking was, that there are a multitude of ways in which I can spread the message of TIA, not the least of which is the joy the rises up in my body every morning when I make journal entries. She’s so right, of course—and brilliant.

So here’s what I’m gonna do. I will regularly and publicly “confess” something about my TIA practice, with two purposes in mind. One, to praise, recognize, or honor something or someone that I am grateful for. Secondly, to offer assistance and encouragement to my readers who find themselves losing grip on their daily practices.

So today is Sunday, July 1, 2018, and here is gratitude confession #1: for my friend Becky, who has given me a little piece of clarity about my purpose. My life is so enriched by her presence, her advice, her encouragement, her willingness to call me on my bullshit, and her ability to push me toward my highest. And let me say, I am brought to tears just writing those words. That’s how deeply grateful I am to her.

Look over your own gratitude lists of the last few weeks. What friend or powerful accountability partner has made your life better recently? Can you offer a public testimonial to this person? Do it on FB or Twitter, or on your own blog, or send it to me, if you want, and I’ll put it here. Try it and see if your own sense of joy and appreciation is enhanced because you made this public confession of gratitude.

And who knows, if we blast the world with all of these deeply felt confessions, don’t you think we’ll push back a bit of the darkness that is trying to take over our country? Don’t you think?

Until the next confession, may your practice be strong and dedicated, and may your heart be filled with joy.

sending love and light,