To Know Yourself Before



In a file folder marked “Fave Poems,” I recently found this wonderful poem by Karen Maezen Miller. Miller is a Buddhist teacher, and the author of one of my favorite books, Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden.

I share her poem with you this week because it so beautifully presents what I strive to teach—how to “know yourself before.”  Join me in the journey, Fall 2018, for one of my classes or workshops.

I Knew You Before

I knew you before you were a victim, before you were a wreck, a mess, and a bomb. Without a crowning success or crippling failure. Before you had an issue, an axe, or a cross. No disorder, no syndrome, no label— undiagnosed, without a blemish or scar. Before that night and the morning after,before the after and before the before. Before the fall, the crash, the crime, without an upgrade or makeover. Version 0.0 No story, no narration, no closed captioning, no footnotes and no bonus features, before you remembered to forget and forgot to remember. I knew you before you were what you say— what you think, what you fear, what you know. Do you know yourself before?

InspirationLezlie Laws