Gratitude Confession #6: The joy of receiving gratitude.



In an effort to assist the many people who have undertaken a gratitude practice using The TIA Method and writing in The TIA Journal, I have been writing a series of blog posts called “gratitude confessions.” In each one, I try to focus on a specific way to think about gratitude as a spiritual technology for helping us live more consciously and more joyfully. Well, the tables are turned on me this week, because this week I’m sharing an email that I received from my good friend and former client Denise Sudler, in which I became the recipient of gratitude.  Oooooo, what a wonderful feeling.  So this week in our examination of gratitude, I want you to contemplate the feeling of being appreciated.  And take it in!

I do not have the words to express how touched and honored I was to receive the high praise that comes in this email from Denise.   And I was even more touched and pleased to see the description of the transformation that took place in Denise’s life over the last year. Her words will appear in several places in the new website that is coming soon, but for now, I want to focus on sharing her story of transformation with you—in her own words.

Join with me in celebrating the success of this remarkable woman and the amazing new life she has manifested for herself.

Dear Lezlie,

I don’t know how to preface this, other than with a heartfelt thank you, and to say that I wish I was a better writer. 

Cultivate the conditions, habits, and skills that help you to flourish. Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself. Get very clear about how you want to feel in your endeavors and what you hope to accomplish. Think big. Take action. Surrender to the unknown. As a mentor and coach, Lezlie’s message is concise.

Though her language is deceptively simple, Lezlie applies a high level of academic rigor to her work. LifeArt Studio is thoroughly grounded in ancient wisdom traditions and in the latest scientific research.

When I met Lezlie, I was stuck. I’d spent decades building a thriving career before moving to Florida. After an extensive, state-wide job search, I could not find a comparable job. Out of desperation, I took a significant pay cut and accepted a position for which I was vastly overqualified and woefully undercompensated. For years, I searched for ways to revive my career. Brick wall after brick wall. I reconciled myself to professional malaise.

Then I started working with Lezlie.  She taught me to pay attention to the stories I was telling myself and to be brutally honest about how I wanted to feel about my employment. She encouraged me to take action steps and to hold myself accountable. When I would set my heart on any one particular outcome, Lezlie would counsel me to end my intentions with “This, or something better.” It’s important, she said, to realize that there might be something out there even greater than what you’ve imagined for yourself.

I adopted Lezlie’s TIA Method. When I began listing things that I was grateful for, my worldview gradually shifted from scarcity to abundance. When I recorded how I wanted to feel and what I wanted to accomplish, newfound clarity and purpose emerged. When I had no idea how I was going to get from point A to point B, I asked for help.

In the end, I took a deep breath, steadied myself, and quit my wretched job. Doors flew open. Pathways appeared. The mists cleared. And I now have a new, engaging job, more fabulous than I ever imagined.

Lezlie’s TIA Method reshaped my life. It helped me break through the walls that I’d surrounded myself with. It cleared away old patterns of fear and anxiety so that something new could rise up. And rise up it did.

I am grateful for your compassion, wisdom, and friendship. 

With much love, Denise

Denise's story is one of the reasons I believe that the TIA Method is one of the best tools I can offer my clients to help them live with more intention and joy. If you're interested in exploring The TIA Method as a daily practice, I would be honored to have you join me this fall for a workshop that includes your own copy of the TIA Journal.  Try it for 30 days, and see how your life begins to shift.

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