LifeArt Core Concepts



The LifeArt teachings are based on the common practices and ideas that can be found in what Aldous Huxley called the perennial philosophy. The perennial philosophy is gleaned from the great wisdom traditions of the world; the religions and theologies of the world; ancient and contemporary philosophies; psychological insights of the last fifty years; and a host of texts (both metaphysical and practical) that have been delivered to those human beings open to the flow of unity consciousness. In other words, perennial philosophy is a set of concepts that all great teachings seem to agree upon. And thus, they seem highly worthy of our attention.

The LifeArt teachings are grounded in a handful of these seemingly universal concepts, making them practical for the contemporary seeker. Our goal is to share the universal practices and habits of mind that help human beings create their best lives.

LifeArt Core Concepts

Foundational Practices:                

-sleep well

-eat and hydrate well

- move vigorously

- still the mind > meditate and pray

- cultivate gratitude

- spend time alone and in silence

- read in the deep wisdom traditions

Mind Training (lojong):

- accept everything as it is

- drop judgment of others and yourself

- drop resistance

- drop attachments

Heart Opening:

- meet challenge as an opportunity

- soften your heart/cultivate compassion

- drop effort and struggle

- relax and release

- rest in your natural, unbiased mind

- be kind

Core Actions:

- be kind to animals / love one animal dearly

- study yourself (it is your core reason for being on the planet)

- take full responsibility

- surrender your actions


            - You find your dharma and are of benefit.

            - You awaken to your essential self.

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