Gratitude Confession #10: TWO Desires

Lezlie Laws - TIA Journal

Lezlie Laws - TIA Journal

I practice the TIA Method every day. In my beautiful TIA Journal, I thank the universe for everything I am grateful for. I make intentions for how I want to be and what I want to do in the course of the next 24 hours. And then, when I’m facing a particularly sticky challenge or problem, I ask for help. In the “ask” section of the journal, I often pose big questions. Like, What am I supposed to do? How do I respond to this situation? Should I move forward in this new endeavor? How can I release the obstacles that are holding me back?

In this section of the journal, I surrender my pitiful attempt to control my life. Sometimes I see there is another person I need to ask for assistance. Other times, it becomes clear I am speaking to a higher intelligence, one deeply attuned to the complex network of circumstances that currently perplexes me, or causes me to suffer. This part of my journal is highly exploratory, filled with the big questions, and often misguided about what I should ask for.

This morning, my “ask” section was filled with questions—about my work; about a relationship; about my tendency to “hide out” and simultaneously believe I’m being monastic. (This is called deluding yourself about a problematic character trait.) The point is, this section of the journal is often where concerns and anxieties come forth. And that’s good to get those thoughts down in writing so I can really see them more clearly, and hopefully address them more wisely.

Turn the problem into an intention. So often, I will take the questions of the “ask” section and turn those questions into intentions. For instance, today I was asking about my business. Am I going in a good direction? I am offering something of interest to enough people? Am I offering anything unique? (Six years into this business, and I’m still in a quandary about how it works!)

But here’s an insight that came to me after a series of particularly unnerving questions arose: The questions we ask bear the seed of the intention we hold. When Spirit plants within you the desire to make a certain intention, we must recognize that the very desire we are experiencing is the first evidence of the manifestation of that desire. Take confidence that full manifestation is on the way by virtue of the small quiet desire emerging out of your heart.

Two Types of Desire But there’s a warning in this, too. It’s important to distinguish between a desire that “comes out of your heart” and is representative of your Essential Self and the desire that is more accurately described as a “craving,” which always comes out of the Ego. Desires for more stuff (more jewelry, more popularity, more fame, more property) are all forms of craving that is trying to fill a perceived lack.

You can distinguish a desire of craving from a desire that serves your higher good (your own and others) by how it feels in the body; it’s called a felt sense. A desire born out of craving feels itchy and uncomfortable, and usually quite desperate. It’s born out of a need to fill up an emptiness that can never be filled. It is not a good feeling and it always leaves us unsatisfied.

A desire that come out of your Essential Self feels joyful and encouraging; it uplifts you even before it manifests. It instills hope. It opens and softens the heart.

It’s important to develop your capacity to experience the felt sense of these two different kinds of desire. We do this in silence, through meditation or contemplation. A mindfulness practice will lead the way. It will give you access to your innate wisdom, intelligence, and creativity. You will know when your intention grows out of your best self—the one that knows you are capable, worthy, and available to the manifestation of your desire—and not your neediest self, who can never be satisfied with any manifestation that comes its way.

Practice is the way to cultivating a felt sense that steers you in the right direction. Practice is the way to opening your mind and heart to receive the manifestations of your desires. Practice is the way to letting something smarter than you take over the control panel of your life.

So open that TIA Journal your friend gave you. Practice the TIA Method for 90 days. Watch what happens.

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