Map your path to self-discovery, joy, and meaning through LifeArt curriculum.

All seekers are moved by innate longings: to find their essential self, to understand their mission, and to live with joy and meaning. Lezlie Laws’ LifeArt curriculum offers a roadmap for your personal journey of self-discovery and purpose. Drawing on the ancient knowledge of the great wisdom traditions and new research in psychology and neuroscience, Lezlie’s teachings help you shift your experience and fulfill your best physical, mental, and spiritual potential.

Explore LifeArt tools at a workshop or event.

Gain clarity, consider your purpose, and discover how LifeArt teachings can enhance your daily life by joining one of Lezlie’s upcoming workshops or events.

Work with Lezlie one-on-one or in a small group.

Set goals and work closely with Lezlie to apply LifeArt tools in your daily life by booking one-on-one sessions or joining a small group experience.

Use the TIA Journal to engage in a daily practice.

Shift your mindset and manifest your desires with Lezlie’s TIA Journal, a 90-day tool to inspire your daily practice of gratitude, intention, and surrender.


What People Are Saying

“I marvel at how Lezlie holds the high watch for each of us, helping us see ourselves and our lives in new light. Shifting our perspectives. Challenging us to stretch and be more – to be who we came here to be. Creating the environment for it to happen. I so respect the work she has done to be able to do that for others, and I know I wouldn't be as far along my path without Lezlie’s teachings.”

~ Lynne M