Is working with Lezlie for me?

Lezlie works with clients who want to flourish — no matter where they are in their life trajectory.  And for a variety of good (or not so good) reasons, it’s not happening the way they know it can happen for them. If you can answer yes to any one of these questions, working with Lezlie to explore LifeArt tools and curriculum can help you fulfill your big yearning to flourish.

Do you want to experience life in new, deeper, more meaningful ways?

Maybe life is pretty good for you. But maybe there’s this niggling feeling that there is something more:  more for you to do, or to create, or to be. Maybe you’ve become frustrated trying to make changes in a world that pulls you in too many directions. Or how about that project you’ve been putting on the back burner for years? Or that desire to dive deeper into your relationships? Or that commitment to get healthy?

Are you making some sort of transition in your life?

Many of Lezlie’s clients are making life transitions, and consciously deciding to step into the next best version of themselves:

  • from working into retirement;

  • from being married into being a single;

  • from being a full-time parent to suddenly being an empty-nester;

  • from working at a job or a relationship that has become deadening to creating work/relationship that enlivens and inspires;

  • from ignoring creative yearnings to realizing creative intentions.

They need new ways to think about lifestyle and life intentions as they make a shift into a new life-space.

Are your days designed to support the deep yearnings you have to create and to achieve your highest level of performance in every arena of your life?

Creative living requires an environment conducive to tapping into your deepest wisdom, intelligence, and creativity.  We believe it is important to create life systems (conditions, attitudes, processes, and practices) that allow us to experience life fully, happily, creatively, and productively.  When this happens, you have a much better chance of being of benefit to yourself and to the people you are closest to.

Is this happening for you?

Using knowledge based on neuro-psychology (the science of mind), research in creativity and creative life systems, and spiritual wisdom that has guided seekers for centuries, we assist clients in making small changes that add up to large transformations—and to a life of flourishing.

Lezlie’s offerings sit at the intersection of these three areas of knowledge: offering a holistic approach to ramping up artful living, creative vision & practice, and service to self and others.

Does answering questions like these enliven and inspire you?

1. Think about a horizon point, a time in the future, where you are living in exactly the way you want to be living, with healthy and productive systems in place to support your creative living.

What circumstances might exist in your life?  What would you feel in that kind of life or circumstance?  How are you spending your precious time each day and what goals are you working toward?

And conversely, how hard are you working right now to keep that horizon at a distance?  How exhausting is the toll of not living in that space?

2. As you look at that horizon point, what are the challenges you believe you face to reach that point?

This question exposes the fears and hidden assumptions we hold about ourselves and about what is possible for us.  Sometimes, the best thing for shifting a life is to remove hidden obstacles from our thinking. Once that happens, some people recognize they already have the capacities to be in a new version of themselves.

3. What existing skill sets, talents, and resources can help you make a shift in life? What skills sets do you need to hone?  What practices do you need to put into place? What people do you need to spend time with, and even call upon for help and advice?

4.  How willing are you to stop looking wishfully at that horizon line and, instead, take action toward that horizon line?  Is it possible to see that horizon line as an attainable goal instead of a distant dream?

If these questions resonate within you, then working with Lezlie might be a good fit for you.