Six Premises of Creativity

Garden7Here at the LifeArt! Studio, we believe you were born to create a certain kind of life, one filled with goodness, truth, and beauty, and a very specific kind of art, one that expresses your unique gifts. Here's are six notions we think help in that life endeavor. 1. Spirit and creativity are inextricably connected. 2. Getting still and becoming receptive are vital to creativity. 3. You are a creator, in spite of what your inner critic tells you. 4. Being deeply listened to fosters creativity. 5. A no-threat zone fosters creativity. 6. A daily practice fosters creativity.

What basic notions keep your creative life active and productive?  Or, what unconsidered assumptions are keeping you from creating the art you were born to create?  We would love to help you explore any or all of these notions at LifeArt! Studio.  Stop by when you can.

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