The Knife

Cutting edge (Sheimpflug principle)On the radio yesterday, I heard of another person dying.  Can't remember who it was.  Someone known, obviously.  He was 92.  This news always goes through me like a cold knife.  The sun is shining; I'm driving down the street to meet a friend for lunch; all is well.  And the knife makes its entry, cold and clean, right through the gut. And then, here it comes.  The thought.  I have, if I'm lucky, 25 years to live.  And I think I'll be pretty strong and cogent right up to the end, so I'm sticking with that figure.  That's a long time on one hand.  Not so much on the other.  But it's enough to make a change.

Can I turn this life around?  Am I doing exactly what I want to be doing?  Am I living exactly the way I want to be living?


Matthijs via Compfight

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