Morning Joy

Busy hands need no decorationI come to this page as I would go to a dear friend, or to a loving partner.  I come feeling comfort and safety, free to say anything I want and explore even the most risky ideas.  It feels good every morning; I yearn for it every day. So I begin this day in deep gratitude for these pages, for this safety, for the sense of expansion and clarity daily writing offers me.  It is the very best part of my day.

Do you have a daily practice that grounds you and brings you joy?  If this is not the way you feel about your practice, then you have not found your practice.  What one small habit, what one soothing ritual, could you incorporate into your busy life that would make you feel solid and secure?  Would offer a path for clear thinking and open-hearted loving?  Would elicit a sense of calm and contentment?  And would give you access to your deepest wisdom and to guidance for right action?

I urge you to find that practice, and come to it every day with a sense of gratitude. Write, pray, meditate, walk in green grass, swim under blue sky, drink hot tea mindfully.  Take up a practice that cultivates awareness of and appreciation for the life you get to live.  Be patient and consistent, and give your practice an honored time and space in your home.

Thanks for stopping by the LifeArt Studio today.  May your body be strong and agile; may your mind be clear and radiant; and may your heart be filled with loving kindness.


Photo credit:  MD. Hasibul Haque Sakib via Compfight

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