Creativity Jump-Start: Stand Up Straight

Cook Pine Trees I’m listening today to a webinar on healing the adrenal glands.   The speaker, Manny Aragon of The Center for Structural Performance, is addressing biochemical imbalances and explaining how standing in a balanced state aligns the spine, creates internal balance, and facilitates healing.  When the body is not balanced, we experience physical and mental depletion. His advice on alignment, movement, and body awareness is helpful to me as I battle adrenal fatigue myself.  But it occurred to me that his advice about healing the body is also good advice for jump-starting creativity, too.  He says,

• Do what you do for joy.

• Be authentically yourself.

• Move through projects methodically, with intention and purpose.

• Pay attention to the body; it’s your gold-letter feedback system.

Think about this advice as you head into your creative projects this weekend.  And if you want some assistance with body awareness and how it can jump-start your health and your creativity, join me at 10:15 on Sunday morning for a body-balancing yoga practice.  Then carve out some time on Sunday afternoon to make art!

Thanks for stopping by the LifeArt Studio today—where we’re trying to stand up straight.


Photo credit:  dbkfrog via Compfight

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