Creative Spring Cleaning

Pepper2I’ve been very busy this spring with Creative Momentum Gatherings.  The studio is buzzing.  Spring arrives,  and I want to do major cleaning in my house:  throw things out, clean things up, organize and re-arrange.  And that same tendency emerges in my creative life; the growth and aliveness in nature inspire me to get back into my creative groove. This past Saturday I held a Creative Momentum Gathering that watched an inspiring British documentary called Fabulous Fashionistas.  And on Sunday another gathering here at LifeArt Studio reunited a group from my Quieting the Inner Critic workshop.  It was so great to hear reports on how participants had “crushed some major critic.”

Next month, I’m offering a Creative Momentum Gathering on the benefits and pitfalls of creating a “wild pack,” a support team for creative adventures.  And since many of you have asked me about my wild pack called the Peppers, I thought I'd share  a picture of us at our gathering last month.  We were celebrating the tenth anniversary of the publication of Shifting Gears, a book we conceived, designed, and edited as a creative team.  And not surprisingly, ten years after that original joint project, we found ourselves in the midst of even more shifts and life changes.

This wild pack gathering was filled with surprises as we were reminded how delicate and important such groups are to our creative lives.  You see here Julie Dunsworth (writer and artist); Wendy Goddard (master chef, culinary creative, and home designer); Lezlie Laws (writer, creativity coach); Kären Blumenthal (screenplay writer, artist).   Absent from this picture is fifth Pepper Mary Ann de Stefano (editor,  web designer).

Several of you have responded to my previous email announcing a Creative Momentum Gathering to discuss creative teams.  At that session, we'll discuss

- purpose and guidelines for creative teams - intentions for your creative work - asking for what you need - listening - shared mission for the group - honesty and vulnerability - moderating expectations - timing and food matters - border collie issues - benefits and problems

I have room for four more participants in this free session, which will take place in late May here at LifeArt Studio.  Pop me an email if you'd like to be added to the invitation list, and I'll send you details.

Have an artful day!