Are You Thriving?

blogiconIn your job?   Your relationships?   Your art?   Your life?? Join creatives from a variety of arenas (writers, fine artists, entrepreneurs, chefs, home-makers, care-givers, gardeners, and more!) who get together every month at LifeArt Studio for a shot of energy and inspiration.

On July 10, we’ll discuss Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, her story of the shift she made in her definition of success. By all worldly markers she was (and is) a powerful and successful women; but one brutal day she came face to face with being exhausted and depleted, physically and spiritually. She received a huge wake-up call that changed everything in her life.

If you’ve been studying in the wisdom traditions, as I have, none of what she says will be surprising. Still, she tells her story in a passionate and engaging way, and I do believe her message is important.

What is your definition of success? This book answers this question with information from science, spiritual traditions, popular culture, as well as real life experience that many of us will recognize only too well.

The MindValley Academy has created a really cool info graphic called Arianna Huffhington’s 12 Steps to Thrive. Check it out to get tidy a preview of her chapters.

Also, watch Huffington’s short talk delivered at the 2014 Wisdom 2.0 Conference. She explains the key concepts that define what she calls “the third metric,” a holistic and sustainable version of success.

Check it out, and if you’re intrigued, join us on July 10 for some good conversation, and maybe even a bit of inspiration.

Because space is limited, please let me know if you’d like to be invited to this event.


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