Another Thought on Pencils

Star pencil Try making your to-do list with colored pencils. See if you don't have a more joyful day. Want to intensify your color palette this summer? How about the cerulean blue you've been admiring? Or that sunflower gold that always makes you smile? It's summer, time to splash some bright color around. Come to LifeArt Studio for a complimentary Creative Momentum Session to discuss ways to infuse more artfulness, more joy, more deep satisfaction into your life, your work, and your art.

Or, join us for the next Creative Momentum Gathering, here at the Studio on July 10, 7:00-9:00 p.m. We'll be sharing ideas, considering possibilities, finding connections as we discuss Arianna Huffington's book Thrive. There is no cost for these gatherings, and you'll meet some fascinating people, all eager to support you in your summer commitment to living productively, creatively, and colorfully. Let me know if you'd like to be placed on the invitation list. Seating is limited!


Photo credit:  @Doug88888 via Compfight

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