Bring It

las_iconDo you have a mission statement? Many of us have the pleasure of working in places dedicated to a clearly articulated mission. Good businesses and organizations create missions that guide every move they make in creating and delivering their ideas. And under the best working collaborations, we adopt that mission when we hire on.

But what about your personal mission?

The thing you are all about. The reason you get up in the morning. The feeling or yearning that drives you and spurs you forward each and every day. What you believe and implement in thought, speech, and action.

Have you clearly defined and articulated this mission? Does it guide every move you make in the way you create and deliver yourself to the world?

A personal mission doesn’t change, no matter where you are or what your job is or what your personal life is like at a given time. Your mission is the core, the essence of who you are and why you were brought to this earth. You have a stand, a calling, a dharma, a mission. Can you say what it is? Right now? In three minutes? Go.

Are you bringing it?

And then, once you are clear about what you are all about, here’s the next question:

Are you bringing it?

There is something emerging out of you, something you are compelled to share with people. You need to diligently eliminate obstacles that keep that thing from coming forward.

Recognize your own gift, activate it, and then deliver it to the world.

Don’t take your circumstances as the be all and end all of your life. Your gift is bigger than your circumstances. Let that part of yourself get cracked open and be brought out into the world—in spite of your circumstances.

Your first priority, no matter what the circumstances of your life—to bring it on.

Get busy right now building the infrastructure that will give you the energy, the focus, the confidence, and the power to bring it, full out, each and every day.

It’s time. LifeArt Studio is here.

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