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imagesNeed a little “pop” of inspiration? Want a tiny shot of creative juice (like a hit of wheatgrass when your battery is low)?  Want to peek into the creative lives of others? Welcome to Web Poppers. Years ago, when I was teaching creative writing to high school students, I established a tradition that we came to call Friday Poppers—short, provocative writing prompts that I sent my students home with for the weekend, hoping to keep them focused on their writing over the two days they were out of my sight. In devising these “poppers,” I chose topics that leaned toward the silly, the outrageous, or hinted of the taboo, and then we began class on Monday hearing their weekend efforts.   Because of the Poppers, our week would begin with laughter and innovation and inspiration as students strove to get the attention and the applause of their peers with their Monday “pop.”

So this is a version of my long-ago Friday Poppers. I’m calling this Web Poppers, and I hope these short posts about my favorite websites and blogs will give you resources that inspire and motivate you to do focused creative work, or live your happiest creative life, over your weekend.

So here goes. Today’s Pop is 99u.com, offering podcasts, interviews, articles, and videos on design, business, creativity, organization, and more.  The tag line of this site is "It's not about ideas.  It's about making ideas happen."  Oh yeah.  This site is part of my Sunday morning ritual.

This link takes you to a typical article you will find on this site: a short interview of Maria Popova (curator extraordinaire) who’s website Brainpickings.org is also one of my favorite sites. Check out her definition of success and be sure to watch short video on the 7 core concepts that keep popping up in all of the books she has reviewed over the years. I bought the poster!


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