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1888586_10202557483242907_1550055438167236254_n“Nonresistance, non judgment, and nonattachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living.” - Eckhart Tolle

I can't read this sentence enough. I try to make it my daily mantra, but I often forget it. I lose track of these three powerful directives: stop resisting what is; stop judging what is before you; stop holding on to what you assume to be good or right or fair. I have planted this phrase all over my space: in my book of quotations, on 3x5 cards taped to my cabinets, on a post-it in my purse, and scattered throughout my journal. I read it over and over. I need to be reminded again and again of these vital principles. When I feel tension, conflict, frustration, overwhelm, or just about any bad feeling, I am resisting something, judging something, or grasping after something.

Try this test. The next time you have a strong and unproductive emotion, ask yourself:  What am I resisting at this very moment? What am I judging? And what am I desperately trying to have, keep, protect, or control?

See if for a few moments, you can drop the powerful drive to have things a certain way;  just let things be. Notice your body. It will relax; tension will release. Then notice your mind. It will become calm and spacious. And within that condition of relaxation and spaciousness, you experience greater freedom. New choices are revealed to you. New thoughts and actions become available to you.

Such a relief.

If you would like to explore ways to drop resistances, judgments, and attachments in your living and in your creating, I invite you to take advantage of a no-cost Creative Momentum Session with me here at LifeArt Studio.   It may be a first step toward making some powerful new commitments to the next best version of yourself.  Contact me here to arrange a call or a visit on behalf of that new self.  It's time.

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