Come See the Green Globe

BEC_0045A beautiful, green-speckled, glass globe hangs from the tabebuia tree in my back yard.   It's not easy to see this globe, hanging as it does amidst a clutch of green leaves, but it's there. Sometimes in late afternoon, the sun at the perfect angle, this globe sends a shaft of light straight into the living room as I sit reading, caught in a swirl of ideas. It's a subtle nudge to put down the book, step outside, take a deep breath. But usually, I don't notice this touch of beauty, even though I walk past it every day. It levitates amidst the tree limbs, seeming to glow from the inside, and yet I miss its radiance.  How many moments of radiance do we miss as we rush through our days?  Like so many small pleasures, this little globe reminds me to slow down, see what is before me, appreciate the simple beauty of light and color and movement. Remembering the green globe is a practice in waking up.

You're Invited to "Art in the Garden"

Today, I invite you to come into the LifeArt Garden and see if you can find the green globe. And to see many other delights we have prepared for you, our loyal subscribers. Yes! This special event is for you, the people who regularly read our blog and follow our offerings in living creatively—and flourishing. Please stop by and let us say thank you.

Thursday, November 6, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. 1289 Harmon Ave.     Winter Park, Fl 32789 Parking available in the Commerce National Bank parking lot.

garden3We celebrate a few of our many artful friends!

This Thursday, artist Ramona Louise tucks her "Reflective Figures" into nooks and corners of the garden.  These sculptural figures offer messages (and warnings) from the natural world.  Chef Kristen Dolphy of Black Dog Cafe and Catering has prepared delicious light bites for your enjoyment. The garden photographs you've seen recently (and the green globe) are the work of photographic artist Mitchell O'Rear of Photo Jack Photography.  He is the official LifeArt Studio photographer! Landscape designer Kristin Pategas of Hortus Oasis crafted the current version of this tiny garden space, and Sandy Stockman of Nature's Technology is the driving force behind the hard work of maintaining it and sculpting it into aesthetically pleasing textures and shapes.

Art is a collaborative event! 

And finally, the original artist of this garden space must be recognized. My dear friend (my student/my teacher), Brian Arbogast de Hubert-Miller (1951-2006) was the first to envision what this modest garden space could become. His keen artistry resides in every inch of this garden, and he remains my highest role-model of a person who lived artfully, every day of his life.

I hope you will join me this coming Thursday, November 6, between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m., as we celebrate all of these gifted artists.   It will be a pleasure to thank you personally for making the first two years of LifeArt Studio so deeply satisfying.

Because we're all happiest when we are crafting the life—and the art— we were born to create.



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