Loose Ends

It's a rainy Monday here in Winter Park, land of the sun. Dash and I have been taking it easy, moving slowly from window to window to watch the rain, or a hapless squirrel scurry up the bamboo. I have four weeks of white space ahead of me, and after a weekend of getting the house in order and the laundry done, I find myself at loose ends. I read a blog last week about an experiment of living for 100 days with no goals. The writer said it changed his life--for the better. But I'm feeling a little like the Queen Mary today: they say it takes two hours to turn her around. I'm thinking it's going to take more than two hours to turn myself around, after a full semester of chasing teeny, tedious goals. What to do? How to turn? My plan is to just sit for a while. And Dash is perfectly happy to doze while I let the turning take place.

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