Pain is not a Permanent Resident: a poem in three acts

5 of 8 Girl dances at water's edge on Morro Strand State Beachmy back my spine

my flexible rod

stay strong

hold me up

do not buckle

do not crack or split

do not stutter and pop

do not leave me diminished


free me from this pit of pain

alleys of dread and shadow

thickets of dark caution

murky ponds of reserve


brace me as I fall

teach me endurance

hold me straight

push me higher

stretch me to new places

open the space between each bony knob

let me breathe deeply there

fill me with affirming elixir

fold me in and under

turn me and twist me and return

me to center

open my heart

lift me as I leap


Photo Credit:   Mike Baird via Compfight

InspirationLezlie Laws