So Far

Going Home Yesterday, as I drove to an acupuncture treatment, trying to find some relief for low back pain that has plagued me for months, I got in on the last bit of Robin Young's NPR program Here and Now . She was talking to raspy-voiced singer/songwriter John Murry from Mississippi, supposedly a relative of Faulkner.  He writes about his addiction to heroin in a song called Tiny Colored Balloons; he almost died and he lost everything he loved.  At a stop light, I sat rigid in my car, desperate for relief, and the songwriter said, "You can only go so far before you have to tell the truth."  My hands gripped the steering wheel, and I thought, "For some people,  'so far' lasts their whole lives."  And then the person behind me honked his horn.

Photo Credit:  Anders Adermark via Compfight

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