Two Great Questions for Creatives

Lady FernIn a course I'm taking through the Evolutionary Spirituality  website, participants were asked today to reflect on these two questions: 1) Consider the difference between a spiritual path in which you are searching for something that you lack versus endeavoring to become a full expression of who you already are. And in light of that difference, consider the approach that you tend to take to the spiritual path.

2) Of the spiritual relationships and practices that you are currently engaged with, which do you feel are opening you to the miraculous and the extraordinary and which are holding you in the past?

Don’t you think these are great questions? Consider how useful they are to those on the creative path.  Just insert the word creativity for the word spirituality.  And join me in the LifeArt Studio if you would like to explore these questions more in your own creative life.

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Photo credit:   Robin via Compfight

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