Wednesday, Day Five

ladybug on gerbera For Rachel Gramer

They call it retirement, but I call it revival. I wonder how long I will continue to count the days and record them in my morning writing. How long will I be grateful for the dawn spilling into my back garden? How long will I cherish each choice, inhabit each decision? How long will I appreciate the timing and devotion I offer each simple action?

These days have been like waking up and realizing, after a few groggy moments of deluded awareness, that I am on vacation in a stunningly beautiful place, that everything is taken care of, and I am lovingly tended to, every need, every want satisfied in the most elegant manner. How long will I feel this sense of openness, possibility, clarity, ease?

How long will I know this is the way it can be always, and this is the way it has always been?



Photo credit:  Vanessa Pike-Russell via Compfight