Kill the Critic This Week!

momiaDo you have an inner critic who slows down your creative endeavor?  Is there a heckler inside you who ridicules your writing?  Do you have an inner taskmaster who keeps you too busy to paint or draw or plan that Zen garden you’ve wanted?  This cacophony of jokers needs to be quelled in order for you to move more deeply and productively into your creative work.  It’s time to fire the committee of voices telling you you’re not good enough to be a writer; you don’t have time to paint or draw; and worse, your artful endeavors don’t make a difference. This coming Thursday, I will reprise my Quieting the Inner Critic Workshop.  Participants will learn

• how the brain sabotages our creative efforts, and several techniques to silence the critical inner voices. • specific obstacles, both inner and outer, that keep us from creative practice. • how unconscious habit patterns entrench these obstacles without our even knowing it. • four very easy strategies to break those habit patterns that create obstacles (and one very challenging one!) • how to create an action plan to disarm the nagging inner critic and create a manageable practice that supports creative authority.

Join me on Thursday, September 26, at the Florida Heritage Book Festival in St. Augustine, Florida, for this three–hour workshop.

Together, we’ll do a lot of reflective writing.  We’ll establish new goals for a creative endeavor and make sure those goals are aligned with our highest mission in life.  And then, we’ll make a concrete plan for implementing a new approach to being creative.  It’s time to construct your days around your creative mission instead of around your to-do list.


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