Deep Trench Activity

Tools 4 In the November issue of Shambhala Sun, author Alice Walker talks about "deep-trench activity."  It’s the term she uses to describe what we do to heal ourselves.  And for her, healing the self is a process of acceptance and letting go. Over and over we hear this in the Buddhist tradition:  let go and accept what is. Constant grasping for conditions we think ought to exist causes our suffering.  Acceptance, contrary to popular belief, does not reduce us to a state of bland numbness.  Acceptance is alive with vibrancy and potential.  As soon as we accept what is, we open a space in our consciousness for something new to rise up--a new perspective, a new action, a new and beneficial thought. Let go, and let something new rise up.

"I am just this being," Walker says. "I'm a me."

What a strange thing it is to be a me! And most of the time, we're so confused about what this me is all about, what it is here for. We overlay all kinds of expectations and stories upon it, and too often these overlays actually stifle the version of me that wants to come into being. Too often, those expectations and stories lead to disappointment.  Drop the expectations and stories and learn to love the me that is present with you right now.   This deep-trench activity will open you to the deep creative work you were brought here to accomplish.

Today the mantra at LifeArt Studio is Keep digging!


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