2014 State-of-the-Studio

As we enter 2014, we take stock here at LifeArt Studio and admit deep gratitude for the good work that has occurred during our first six months of existence. We established a group of fascinating clients, all working in very different ways to examine and enhance their creative lives. We conducted ten workshops over the first six months of our presence in Central Florida, offering participants ways to kick the inner critic out of our lives. We taught dozens of yoga classes to students of all abilities and ages, demonstrating how gentle movement and conscious breathing are pathways to clear-mindedness and open-hearted creating.   We created blog posts designed to inspire and motivate our readers to pay attention to their creative calling.  And we had numerous conversations with people curious about the business of cultivating creativity. Isn't creativity something you're born with--or without?

I heard this question every time I talked with someone about my new endeavor with LifeArt Studio. And I've learned that addressing this false assumption is a big part of our work here. Our aim is to show people that creativity is the very core of what makes us human, happy, and producitve. In fact, we have to work pretty darned hard to stop being creative.  Creativity is our birthright.

Think about it.  Most of your time and energy is devoted to creating a meaningful and happy life for yourself:  the way you make a living;  the family  you situate yourself within for comfort, care, and personal growth; the art you create to feed, amuse, bedazzle, inform, or transform your audience. Seeing that you are creative is just a matter of reframing the way you look at your life. And this re-frame gives you the opportunity to see what attitudes need to change, what habits you need to adopt, what skills and strategies you want to acquire in order to live life more fully, more happily, and more creatively.

So, as we step into the new year, we make a deep bow to all of you who have entrusted your time and energy to this process by stopping by the LifeArt Sudio, either virtually or in person.  It has truly been an honor and a pleasure to work with each and everyone of you.

This year, make an intention to create LifeArt every day!

Namaste, Lezlie

LifeArtLezlie Laws