TJMaxx Offers a Lesson on Writing

TJMaxx - Foothills Mall Maryville, TN This is how writing works for me.  I take everything in, like a sponge.  Every conversation, every emotion, every beautiful thing I see, or weather condition I experience.  And it all goes into a big mash-up inside my head. (Or maybe it's a tiny mash-up; who knows.)  And most days, my writing is a spew of this mash-up.  It's not a pretty sight. But if I'm writing regularly, sometimes some of these visual and verbal data I've absorbed organize themselves into a kind of idea, or a desire to clarify something.  This is still rough, exploratory stuff, and it's mostly junk, mostly boring writing, and certainly stuff I wouldn't want anyone else to see.  Embarrassing.

But every once in a while, all that coalescing of the mash-up material takes on an interesting shape, actually forms into something worth putting out to the world.  A clear thought, a lovely image, a provocative idea worth spending time with and trying to develop.  It's still rough, for sure, but it creates a sort of energy around itself that I can actually feel, and so then I know this is an idea I have to push into, to see where it can take me.  And then, I'm off and running, working to refine the idea on the page.

It's like shopping at TJMaxx.  A lot of junk in that store.  But I've learned there are gems hidden amidst all the junky stuff.  And if I only go there every once in a while, I get frustrated and think, this place is filled with junky stuff, I'm not going to shop here anymore.  But if I go there regularly, check it out, walk around, take it all in, every once in a while a gem will just pop right off one of the racks.  And I find myself holding a gorgeous little black dress by Donna Karen, originally $385 now priced at $29.95.  How much fun is that?

And then you're hooked on the fun of finding the gem, so you go back again and endure several more sessions of junky stuff.  But you keep doing it because there is that niggling hope.  Just like with writing.

This is Lezlie from LifeArt Studio encouraging you to revel in the mash-up!

Photo Credit:  Creative Commons License Mike Kalasnik via Compfight

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