Foundational Practices Can Rock Your Mission

zflick-2607How’s you’re summer going? Are you accomplishing what you wanted to accomplish? Getting rest and rehabilitation? Venturing into the world in new ways? Completing or starting new projects? Installing new habits of mind or practices of the heart that support you in your best living? Last Thursday night, we had a lively group of creatives here at the Studio, all trying to do these very things this summer. As promised, this July Creative Momentum Gathering examined advice Arianna Huffington gives for shifting our attention to what she calls "the third metric," practices designed for focusing on inner wisdom and well-being. Good stuff. And thank-you to everyone who attended and for the great conversation that ensued.

Our next Creative Momentum Gathering is a logical extension of advice Huffington gives in her book Thrive. We're going to talk about Foundational Practices that give us full access to health, energy, creativity, and appropriately directed focus.

Huffington and I agree on one profound idea: “Through practice we establish a structure, an energy, and a freedom to create a life of purpose and meaning.” And by practice, she means those habits and routines we commit to daily. Here at LifeArt Studio, we don’t believe there are any tricks or short cuts to creating a life of creative living and productivity. But through intentional daily practices (of mind, body, and heart) we create the capacity to tap into our deepest wisdom, intelligence, and creativity. This makes it more likely that we will experience a happy, rewarding, or productive day.

Is this happening for you on a daily basis? Or are you forced to drop out of the world of over-stimulation and busy-ness and take a vacation to actually relax or create or feel more expansive. Does feeling good require dropping your real life and stepping into a fantasy life? I don’t think so. With certain practices in place, we can assure that even in our regular, busy, overly-chattery lives, we can give our best and experience life happily and fully.

As Huffington says, these activities should not be relegated to retreats and holidays:  "they are the ultimate everyday performance enhancers."

And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in our next Creative Momentum Gathering on Foundational Practices.  What are your unique performance enhancers?

If you would like to examine or ramp-up your own foundational practices (or learn what they should be!), come and join us for this hands-on session. Bring a notepad and markers with you. We'll take you through a process for identifying "foundational practices" that work for your life, and then we'll ask you to make a commitment to integrate them into your day. Creative energy always gets better when there is someone holding you accountable!

The session scheduled for July 24 is filled, but by popular demand, we are offering a second gathering on the topic of Foundational Practices. Let me know if you'd like to be put on the invitation list for this August 7 gathering. Remember, our space is small, so this event is by invitation only.  (Venue may change.)

And for an overview of the concept of Foundational Practices, see this blog post.

OK, my little antelopes, have a deliciously creative day! Make it a color-splash!

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