Writing Challenge!

3033323-poster-1280-productivity-hacksSunday greetings to my tribe! I have a tip for you today that offers you a really fun creative jump-start. And you know, here at LifeArt studio we’re all about creativity hacking. So try this out. My friend Patricia Charpentier—founder of Writing Your Life, teacher extraordinaire of autobiographical writing, and author of Eating An Elephant: Writing Your Life One Bite at a Time —is about to begin another free writing challenge. What a great way to commit yourself to your writing practice and have some accountability for following through!

This challenge starts on Monday, August 11th, and Patricia will send out a writing prompt every day for seven days, moderate a forum where participants can post their responses, and give a free tele-training seminar on Monday, August 18th, at 7:00 p.m. to wrap things up. The website where you can get all the details and sign up is freewritingchallenge.com, and I've attached below the flyer with all the details.

Don’t let the dog days of summer curtail your writing practice. Experience Patricia’s genius for  pulling brilliance out of her writers and take her challenge!

Seven-Day Writing Challenge Flyer v3

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