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imagesI first heard the term "biohacking" used by Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive. In early days of the technology industry, computer wizards "hacked" into systems to figure out how to improve them. (In those days, the term “hacker” was a good thing.) Biohackers work similarly, experimenting with a biological system that is failing or not performing up to par; they want to figure out exactly what foods, supplements, medical strategies, or nontraditional innovations cause us to feel our very best, work efficiently, and perform at our highest levels in the areas that matter to us. Asprey has biohacked his own body and brain over the last ten years, and he is now on a mission to share the knowledge he has acquired about how to live well. He is my hero! His books, podcasts, and seminars have done more to inform and shift my positions on how to achieve health, wellness, and high performance than any doctor I've ever spoken with. In weekly podcasts, he interviews experts possessing a wide range of traditional and non-traditional modalities for healing and improving our bodies and our minds. This is one of those sites that I check every single day.

Inspired by Asprey's informative work, in a small way I have modeled my approach to creativity after his notion of biohacking. If hacking can be considered a technique or a methodology that allows us to perform better at something, than let's begin to think about creativity hacking.

It dawned on me recently that this is what we try to do at LifeArt Studio. We want to discover what keeps people from pursuing their creative dreams. What obstacles are in the way, what attitudes hold them back? Then, we want to put into place the life systems and the habits of mind that will move our clients toward artful living or artful producing. We each require unique hacks, but we've found, through our research and through our own experiences, that there are certain strategies, certain Foundational Practices, that help everyone disarm the limitations of their current thinking about creativity, and give them access to their unique talent and vision.

With this in mind, our Fall schedule of Creative Momentum Gatherings offers four intriguing "creativity hacks." Four techniques that, employed regularly, may just give you a way into your own creative spirit. More information on these sessions is forthcoming in our first newsletter, but I wanted to whet your appetite, and encourage you to mark your calendars.

September 18 Heidi Behr, clinical social worker, will speak about Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping, as a way to open up creative pathways.

October 23 Jamie Morris, writing coach, will introduce us to the practice of reading tarot and oracle cards and explore ways such readings can move us deeper into a writing or creative project.

November 6 Special Event: Art in the Garden, with artist Ramona Louise, who will unveil her latest work, sculptural figures inspired by the Santos icon tradition.

November 20 Marylou Gantner, specialist in progressive relaxation and bio-feedback, will discuss how tension in the body can keep us from accessing our best creative impulses. She’ll share strategies for identifying how stress resides (and hides out) in the body, and what we can do to relieve it.

December 18 Lezlie Laws, founder of LifeArt Studio, will discuss the importance of setting a goal to show your work and how doing so begins to change your attitude about yourself as an artist.

I hope you're intrigued! And if you are, mark you calendar to join us for one of these provocative events. You're sure to be in the company of some very interesting people. And who knows, you just may just find a creativity hack that gets one of your creative endeavors off the back burner. There is no charge to attend a Creative Momentum Gathering, but seating is limited. To reserve your space, send me an email at info@lezlielaws.com with the date you'd like to attend. I'll respond to confirm your reservation, and share the details on where we'll be gathering.

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Have a deliciously creative day!

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