Can Creativity Be Learned?

2014_04_07_jess_regan_photography_headshot_jamie_morris_004_webI'm happy to announce that our October 23 Creative Momentum Gathering is filled—over-flowing, actually. We'll be exploring the heart of creativity through the reading of tarot cards. This topic, presented to us by writing coach Jamie Morris, has captured the interest and imagination of a lot of you, evidently. Tarot cards and creativity?? What is that all about? We'll soon find out, and I'll keep you posted! Jamie has a long-held passion and knowledge of tarot wisdom and its capacity for unlocking intuitive insight, and in this Creative Moment Gathering she'll share some of that passion with us. We'll see how this ancient practice can ignite our creative imagesenergy. And if you didn't get a seat for this session, don't worry. Jamie has agreed to do another workshop for LifeArt Studio, so watch the blog and the monthly newsletter for the next date of Jamie's appearance with us. You can keep up to date on all the events and workshops taking place through LifeArt Studio by subscribing here. Don't miss out on anything!

I'm thrilled about this session because I am devoted to the study of creativity and the creative spirit. I am on a mission to show people that creativity is within us all, if only we will take time and energy to cultivate it, nourish it, let it unfold in its own unique way. Most people who say that are not creative are just plain wrong. They are highly creative, but maybe not very receptive. On the one hand, the acts of living creatively or making art require a certain degree of boldness; we must take focused action to create artfully. But on the other hand, creativity is an act of surrender, a willingness to be open to the subtle movements of creative spirit.

We can all learn to get better at being receptive. There are habits of mind, strategies, techniques, and very helpful practices that build our creative muscles and create within us a kind of intuitive flexibility that leads to expression of our creative capacities.

If you really want to get better at living creatively, making the art you were born to create, or beginning that project that matters to you, I highly recommend spending time adopting and refining practices that will support you in your artfulness. Websites, books, courses, workshops abound in helping you move forward into more satisfying creative expression. Let us help.

Here's a good place to start:   join us at the November 20 Creative Momentum Gathering when expert in biofeedback and progressive relaxation Marylou Gantner will demonstrate how learning to consciously relax brings tremendous shifts in your creativity. You can reserve your seat for that session here.  Would love to have you join us!

Have an artful day!

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