Using the Tarot to Explore Your Creative Heart

2014_04_07_jess_regan_photography_headshot_jamie_morris_001r_webIt happened again.  Another inspiring Creative Momentum Gathering at LifeArt Studio.  Last Thursday, in the lovely spaces of the Orlando School of Thai Massage , writing coach Jamie Morris led an eager group of creatives into the fascinating world of Tarot. Here are Jamie's own words about the cards: "Tarot cards. So mysterious, so symbolic, so steeped in fortune-telling lore! But how can tarot--or its kissing cousin, the oracle deck--help unfold a creative life? We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, each Tarot deck contains 78 vivid, evocative pictures--images that can tease the edge of imagination, help unlock inner wisdom, and even suggest a direction for creativity to flow.

In simplest terms, a tarot reader (in this case, you!) first considers a question—about a creative project? an internal sense of resistance? an external roadblock?—then draws one or more of these expressive cards and allows the image(s) to elicit a clear response.  While some believe the cards' "answers" come from an external, spiritual or psychic source, in my 35-year relationship with tarot, I've found that, more than anything, the cards provide triggers for my own inner knowing to arise."

In her unique and passionate manner (she's really enthralling!), Jamie shared her own journey with tarot and described how tarot and oracle cards anchor her daily practice of self-reflection.  And then, she took us deep, leading us into the cards with a provocative exercise called "Lock and Key." This exercise really cracked open some good stuff for everyone in the room.

At LifeArt studio, we explore all kinds of strategies, techniques, and habits of mind that may lead us to an artful life, and artful event, an artful creation.   Our mission is to gather people and resources to this end, and support our LifeArt participants as they create their best selves, their best lives, and their best art.  Jamie definitely gave us a useful tool for doing just that.

If you didn't make this session, you have another chance to experience this strategy for removing obstacles in your creative process, or in your life.

SAVE THE DATE:  On Saturday, Feb. 7, Jamie and I will lead a five-hour workshop called "Your Creativity is in the Cards."  Come and learn from her, and see if this reflective strategy can help you push deeper into your creative potential.  Watch for details in a future blog post, or send me your name and I'll put you on the list of interested people.  We would love to see you work the cards on February 7!

Jamie Morris is a book coach who specializes in developmental editing for novelists and memoir writers and coaching for first-time book-writers. She directed Woodstream Writers for eleven years, and has worked with playwrights, short-fiction writers, and entrepreneurs, as well as novelists who've gone on to publication. She now custom-tailors writing intensives and retreats for writing groups and other organizations around the Southeast.  See more about her offerings at

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