Ask for Help

images“The evolved Durga woman holds a big, often radical vision, and she has both the energy and the strategic skill to actualize it.”    Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti LifeArt Studio wants to be a nudge—maybe even a shove. Our mission is to facilitate clarity and confidence around your most radical aspirations. Those aspirations are the direct path toward transformation, toward stepping into the next best version of your life.   Pay attention to them; cultivate them; come into happy relationship with them.

We empower transformation by asking for help. So ask for help. Call for it. Pray for it. Submit yourself to the energetic force that wants to descend into you, to move you, to use you for the benefit of all. In asking for help, you initiate awareness of the exact resources you need. "Be bold, and mighty warriors will come to your aid."

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