Facing Obstacles

imagesWe all face obstacles. Sometimes we're totally unaware of the very nature of an obstacle holding us back from living a full life. Other times, we're aware, but we want to resist the obstacle. Run away from it, or maneuver cleverly around it. Or, we spend our time focusing on the obstacle, analyzing it, obsessing over it. We complain about the obstacle. We rehearse our problem to our friends. We experience discomfort and impatience and frustration. These are not skillful ways of dealing with obstacles. Instead, when your personal will seems blocked by circumstances or people, or when you want to move in a new direction but don't know how—consider that the very obstacle you're running from might be a signal from deep spirit, from the very core of you that resides always in open clarity, from Shakti. These obstacles are your teachers and you need not run from them. Rather, start trying to embrace them.

Do this: Sit for a few moments in silence. Watch your breath. Let it flow in and out gently. Let yourself slide into the space of open clarity. Straighten your spine and hold the silence. Let thoughts come and go, but relish the space, the silence, the openness that begins to arise. Watch your breath. Let it flow in and out gently.

And then ask: What is the inner obstacle I face now? What do I need to let go of? What should I be paying more attention to? What is the real problem/obstacle/issue for me?

And sit. In silence. Watching the breath. Not thinking. Being receptive. Breathing. Just sit.

She will come to you.

InspirationLezlie Laws