LifeArt Studio Goes Dark

DSCN0508For many people, this is the time of year of gathering together, spending time with family you don't see so often, giving or attending parties with friends and colleagues to celebrate the conclusion of the cycle of the sun. Like our ancient ancestors, we feel the presence of winter solstice deep in our bones. And while we may not know exactly what that particular alignment of the planets means, the body still recognizes a life cycle that must be honored, not just for our physical health, but for our spiritual health, too. This yearning to come together—for warmth, companionship, joy, and celebration—has been passed down to us from our ancient ancestors. The bones, the blood, every cell in our body know a shift is happening: a new phase of the moon; a new alignment of the planets; a new yearning in the hearts of men and women who look up at the sky and stand in awe of what they behold.

For some of us, this is a time of revelry and indulging and high celebration. Depending on where you focus your attention, it can be a loud, sparkly, stimulating, and happy time. Parties, dinners, shopping, concerts, lights and shiny ornaments all over the place. We are moved to touch base with people who have meant something to us over the years, and so we write holiday letters, we mail presents, we cook our most delicious treats and take them to people we love. It's really nice.

Some of us mark this time of year by retreating. By pulling in, getting quiet, and sitting in the dark as a way of getting closer to the immensity that surrounds us. As a way of becoming more aware of the mystery out of which life flows. I don't know how I got here. I don't know exactly what it's all about. I can only be aware of these feelings I have, this awesome fearfulness that comes over me when I recognize the magnificence of all that is arising.

Here at LifeArt Studio, we are following this latter path. We are going dark. Nature slows its outward flourishing; the earth contracts, pauses production, and replenishes inner energy reserves. We are taking a cue from nature. We are sitting, resting, breathing deeply, taking long, slow walks, watching the Florida sky as it gives a performance every day and every night that no Disney technician could hope to duplicate. We are letting go and surrendering the desire to make, do, accomplish, fulfill. We are letting the silence stir the heart and soothe the body.

So from the LifeArt Studio team, we wish you much happiness and deep satisfaction as you engage in your own end-of-the-year celebrations and deliberations. Make those celebrations true to your highest values, and your most sincere yearnings to become who you are here to become.

We wish you well, and we look forward to opening the LifeArt Studio doors again in January.

Breathe deeply, sleep soundly, and be in gratitude.

Namaste, Lezlie

Photo credit:  Linda Moffitt


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