Quest 2015

images-1Hillary Thing is an alternative medical practitioner in Accord, New York, and founder of Accord Acupuncture.  She's also a fellow quester in the amazing Quest 2015 project I've been participating in, another inspiring online event created by Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder.In this project, Jeffery provides prompts conceived by 12 visionaries, each designed to help participants envision their best selves for 2015.

Hillary is a visionary herself, and in our online forum today, she talks about what she needs to do to create her best work in 2015.  She says,

It all depends on staying out of distraction and overwhelm and instead staying present and connected to myself and the flow of life; not resisting, and staying clear and committed to what I want and how I want things to go... then letting go and being fully in the moment! What a practice!

I offer her words here as one of the best statements I've read for flourishing in life and in art, and I take up the same challenge for myself in 2015.

How about you?  What needs to happen for you to have the very best year of your life in 2015?  Check out Quest 2015 and see if Jeffrey Davis and the provocative questions presented by his 12 visionaries can point you in the direction of renewed flourishing.

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