A New Year's Resolution Tune-Up

images-2They say it takes about three weeks for the average person to lose focus on her new year's resolutions. How about you? Are you there yet? Are all of those high hopes for change and renewal fading a bit? If so, I have an offer for you. This coming Saturday, January 24, 1:00-4:30 p.m., I am offering a free workshop called Foundational Practices for Health, Happiness, and Ramped-Up Creativity. There are three seats available for this free session. The session is designed to help us hold fast to the practices and habits of mind that will fuel us physically, energetically, and creatively to do our best work in 2015.

We'll discuss what we want to do in the "one wild and precious life" we've each been given. What kind of mission we want to pursue. How we want to feel as we pursue this mission. And then, we'll explore the specific life structures, daily practices, and habits of mind we need to cultivate in order to support that mission—whether that be good work, artful living, or creative expression.

Most people want to live life with focus, intention, purpose, and joy. We're kind of hard-wired with this desire. But sometimes, we lack clarity about what we need to do to create, support, or maintain such a life. We all need constructive conditions within which such a life can unfold—naturally, gracefully, and happily.

That's exactly what this workshop offers:  a way to start thinking concretely about the  conditions you can establish immediately to open up a life that feels rich, creative, productive, and joyful. What constitutes a "happy life" will vary from person to person, but the necessity of establishing life structures to support your version of happy life is pretty much universal. Here is an infographic that outlines the LifeArt Studio protocol for thinking about, establishing, and then living these life structures.

So, we’re three weeks into the year. How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions?

If this is the nudge you need to re-focus and re-dedicate, please contact me here to reserve your seat for this January 24 workshop, taking place at the lovely Walden Community School from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. (Seating is limited for this free event, so don’t delay.) And if you can, please plan to stay a bit after the workshop for a glass of wine and more good conversation with what is sure to be an inspiring group of people sharing your desire to ramp-up creative living in 2015.

Consider this your new year's resolution tune-up!  images-3

Happy New Year from LifeArt Studio!

LifeArtLezlie Laws