Need a Nudge?

Does your creative spirit need a nudge?  Got just the thing.  Check our events page here to learn about two new workshops coming from LifeArt Studio this spring. imagesMarch 28: "Tapping for Creativity"   On dismissing your inner critic and "tapping" (literally) into your creative muse. Discover which "hungry ghost" is keeping you from enjoying your best creative capacities and learn how to bend him to higher purposes.




images-1May 2:  "The Artful Journal Cover" On resurrecting your playful, color-smitten, childhood artist.  Yes, the one who joyfully approached a blank sheet to make designs and splash color and play with textures.  images-2We'll


get hands-on experience with these visual talents we may have forgotten as we create beautiful covers for a journal.

Registration is open for both of these adventures in reviving and cultivating the creative spirit within us.  Come on, let's bring it out to play!

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