See Your Own Brilliance

images-1Greetings Creatives! I must report on the truly remarkable day that Jamie Morris created yesterday for LifeArt Studio, called "Your Creativity is in the Cards."  I'm tellin' you, it was A-MAZING.

Fifteen people came together in the cozy spaces of the Walden Community School to be introduced to how the Tarot deck of images can lead to insights about ourselves and our creativity.  Each one of us could have had any number of versions of a lovely day yesterday, right?  We're all overloaded with good options for amusing ourselves, and left to our own resources, we would have been doing something very pleasant on what turned out to be yet another beautiful Florida day.  But yesterday, fifteen people chose to come together as a unique combination of beings, all seeking something—different things I'm sure, but each one of us there for a reason.

That "something" might be more joy, more insight, more discipline, more focus, more fullness, more creativity in our lives.  And so, guided by our Tarot expert and workshop leader, the inimitable Jamie Morris, we were led to exactly what we needed.  She told us this:  "Tarot is a way of seeing your own brilliance reflected back to you."  And we let her lead us into that reflection.

We each created something new as a result of the encouraging and provocative prompts Jamie gave us.  And the amazing part:  We came in with blank pages to fill, and we filled them to over-flowing with the elixir we most needed!  From nothing to something! It was like some little fairy (probably from the deck of fairies!) waved her magic wand and told us we would get exactly what we wanted (or needed).  And we did.  (But of course that fairy's name is Jamie.)

So I write this Sunday morning, sitting here with my bulletproof coffee and little Dash curled up tight against my thigh, in a state of deep gratitude.  To Jamie, to Chef Kristen Dolphy, and to each participant who contributed to the creation of that unique experience we shared, to the making of a LifeArt Day!

I speak often in these posts about the mission of LifeArt Studio:   finding ways  we can regularly probe our creative capacities, our ability to understand ourselves better and create the lives we want to live.   And though this endeavor is often a solo journey, it doesn't have to be so always.  We need days like yesterday every once in a while.  We need community.  We come together to remind ourselves of our depth and our perception and our capacity for making something new and good, whatever form it takes in our unique lives.  We need to give our time, energy, and resources to regularly cultivating our best selves.

If you missed the experience with Jamie Morris, I'm really sorry.  I so wish I could give that experience to all LifeArt followers.

But we have more events coming, so think about joining us soon.  All of these events have one thing in common:  they seek seek to remind us who we are and how vital our creative expression is to living a whole and happy life.  You can check out all of our events and gatherings here, but below are some highlights:

The next workshop is on March 28, and I am co-facilitating this one with therapist Heidi Behr.  "Tapping Your Way to Creativity."  We'll be talking about the inner critic most of us have in our heads and how he keeps us from our best creating.  Heidi will introduce us to Tapping (EFT) and how this simple but amazing practice can help us disarm that inner critic.  Kristen Dolphy is catering that event too!

And then on May 2, artist Ramona Pelley will show us how to paint and collage journal covers in a workshop called, "Creating an Art Journal."   This is an opportunity to get out of our heads and stimulate our creative capacity with color, design, shape and make something beautiful and useful.  You'll want to give these beautiful journals as gifts, for sure. And yes, more food from Black Dog Cafe!

And then, April 24 will be the next Art in the Garden event, a free event celebrating artful living.  We feature and honor Darlyn Finch and her hot-off-the press novel, Sewing Holes.  You do not want to miss this one. The food will be artful too, thanks, again, to Chef Dolphy!

Thanks for stopping by LifeArt Studio today.  Come join us soon for the next opportunity to "see your brilliance reflected back to you."


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