A Powerful Message

Dash at six monthsA good friend of mine sent me a copy of Proof of Heaven this week, the near death experience of neurosurgeon Eben Alexander.  It's pretty fascinating. (And pretty fantastical in places too!)  Early in the book, he describes waking up in "the afterlife" or “other-life” of his near death experience, and he meets a young woman who gives him his first message from the other-worldly experience.  She tells him: 1.  You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.

2.  You have nothing to fear.

3.  There is nothing you can do wrong.

I’m still baffled by (and maybe skeptical of) near-death stories, but when I read those three lines I was pierced; tears came to my eyes.  What would happen if we pitiful little human beings could really, truly get these three notions? Wouldn’t everything in our lives be different?  Fuller, happier, more meaningful, more beneficial to ourselves and to others?

I think the purpose of life might just be to experience what it feels like to be in a body and a mind that have really and truly absorbed these three notions.  We have a lot to overcome to get to that point, I know, but isn’t it a worthy task?

Photo credit:  Mitchell O'Rear, Photo Jack Photography

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