Art in the Garden: YOU Are Invited!

DSCN0231It's so Spring in Florida, isn't it? And you should see LifeArt Studio's tiny garden. It's wild with gorgeous hues of green; surprising new purple blooms from orchids I couldn't discard last year; a long-dormant clivia plant bursting with a huge yellow blossom; and the giant timber bamboo shooting up yards-per-minute. It's worth a trip over here. The great rains have made everything in the garden sit up and smile.

To share all this Spring lusciousness, we invite you to the LifeArt garden this Friday, April 24,  5:00 to 8:00 p.m., for Art in the Garden.

At this annual "Art in the Garden" event, author Darlyn Finch Kuhn will regale us with artful storytelling from her novel, Sewing Holes; Kristen Dolphy (Black Dog Cafe and Catering) will delight us with her artful culinary treats; Mother Nature will splash us with artful garden decor; and I'll be artfully pouring wine. And while the conversation may not turn out to be entirely "artful," it's sure to be fascinating because of the good company you'll enjoy.

And remember!  This event is for you, my friends, clients, and subscribers—a way for me to say thank you for sharing this journey to live artfully and explore the creative spirit. Please stop by to say hello and enjoy the garden. I will so love seeing you.

1289 Harmon Ave. Winter Park 32789    5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. - parking in the Commerce National Bank, one-half block from the house, or on the street -

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