Take the Challenge!

13152194Hello creatives!  On this glorious Sunday morning, I recommend this post from Brainpickings on Cheryl Strayed's essay "Write Like a Motherfucker." Read the post and be inspired to take up that project (or that lifestyle) that you've been postponing, avoiding, or afraid of.  I'm going to read this blog post every morning for the next 45 days as I plunge into a big, new, terrifying creative endeavor.

Whatever you are trying to create right now, please read this and be inspired to keep going—or to get started.  Join me in 45 days of motherfuckitudeness. (It's all about courage and humility, Strayed says.)  And to help you in that bold goal, read Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar for more inspiration and courage.  And for yet another nudge, join one of the LifeArt Studio options for building clarity, focus, and stamina to stay the creative course.  It's time.

So come on, join my 45 day challenge to create like a motherfucker.  Let's do this together.  We'll offer a Creative Momentum Gathering giving support and encouragement to keep digging!

InspirationLezlie Laws