Thanks for Coming Over, and We'll See You In June!

11182234_1567185556888580_2363582306744897274_nHappiness in the Garden:  A tale of good weather, good food, good wine, good friends, garden beauty, and the artful stories of Darlyn Finch Kuhn!   It's not good to spend your days in fear, but all last week I was afraid it was going to rain on Friday—after weeks of getting ready for our annual Art in the Garden event. But the weather reports were correct, and after four rainy days, Friday turned into the perfect evening for being outside.

LifeArt Studio threw a party to celebrate another successful year of creative exploration, and to honor the work of author Darlyn Finch Kuhn. The garden was beautiful, the food was tasty, the wine was flowing, and Darlyn took the stage at 6:30 p.m. to give a reading that held the large audience in rapt attention and delight. Darlyn is a rare and wonderful storyteller, and she proved it again with her reading from her just published novel, Sewing Holes. She's a hometown success story, for sure, and we are so proud to sing her praises to the skies. Find more about her engaging novel here.

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the evening with us, to those who came to support Darlyn, and to those who came curious to see what LifeArt Studio is all about. We were so happy to have you in the garden with us.

LifeArt Studio on Hiatus

And so. . . after a very busy winter and spring, I'm taking a brief hiatus from Studio duties to work on a writing project. LifeArt Studio doors will be closed for the next six weeks. Don't worry if you don't hear much from us for a while; we'll be deep in creative renewal, preparing for lots of new events and experiences for you this summer.

Back in June! 11175001_10152757887330965_15446649405317606_nWe fling our doors open again in June with two events you might want to check out. On June 25, we offer a free Creative Momentum Gathering called "Show Your Work." A lot of us spend most of our creative time figuring out how best to "do," manage, or find time for our creative work. But in this free event, I want us to explore the importance of actually "showing" your work in some fashion. To help us start this conversation about the challenges, fears, obstacles—and benefits—of going public with our creative endeavors, I've asked local poet and essayist Susan Lilley to join us. She will tell the story of her writing group, The Gloria Sirens, and how they manage to consistently produce the fascinating blog by the same name. Artist Ramona Louise will join us, too, to talk about overcoming her fear of submitting her art to galleries.  My hope is that we all leave this conversation with more courage to show our work to a safe and supportive audience.  It's the way we grow as artists.

These Creative Momentum Gatherings are casual events, offering encouragement and inspiration to stay on the creative path we've chosen. They also provide rich opportunities to  hang out with people committed to creating art and appreciating the creative spirit as it manifests in many forms. Please join us if you need a little jump-start in your own creative life. It's a free event, but seats are limited, so please reserve your place by contacting me here.

And then, by special request, Heidi Behr and I are repeating the Tapping and Creativity Workshop on June 20. I'll begin this full-day workshop by talking about how fear hobbles our creative spirit, and I'll also lay out the psychological archetypes that keep us from creating fully and happily. And then, Heidi, a licensed therapist, will teach us a technique of tapping gently on key energy centers around the head and shoulders (called Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT) to release the patterns of fear that keep us from doing the creative work we want to do, or from living the happy life we want to live. Registration is not open just yet for this event, but you can reserve your space here.

As we close our doors for a while, we hope that you, too, get a chance to hide away and relish some artful exploration. It will do your soul good.

And we look forward to seeing you in June when we invite you back into the LifeArt Studio adventure.

Photo of Art in the Garden, April 24, 2015 by Brad Kuhn.

Original art (pink flowers) by Tanya Kushner.  (Thank you Tanya!)  Find more about Tanya here.

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