Make Something Today

ampersand-lifestyle-300x225I've become interested in learning the art of lettering, and have recently discovered the work of professional letterer/entrepreneur/teacher Sean McCabe.   As with all things artful, the art of lettering is mostly about  devotion to the practice.  Put in your 10,000 hours. Whoa, this is daunting. Right?

But Sean's blog post this morning applies to anyone striving to live life artfully or produce art regularly.  He offers us the challenge to drop the excuses for getting started and make something today.

I love it.  A simple request; a powerful challenge.  Just make something—anything.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  It's a testament to your desire.  It's an enactment of your devotion.

His blog post today is pertinent not just to the practice of lettering.  He asks,  "Do you really care about this? Prove it to yourself by taking action. Everyone says January 1st they’ll start working out or that they’ll start their side project on Monday. Everyone says tomorrow. It’s today or never."

He encourages us to avoid the easy excuses and place our commitment at the core of our deepest yearning.   "Will you do it? Will you set aside the phone? Will you close the Facebook tab? Will you resist the urge to check your feeds? Will you get up off the couch and create something today?"

make-one-thing-today-1I'm inspired by this teacher/artist/entrepreneur.  I'm taking up his challenge.  Maybe you will too.

Have an artful day!  And we hope to see you soon at LifeArt Studio.


Hand-lettering by Sean McCabe.