Radio Talk

radio1I met a former student of mine, Jared Silvia, at 8:30 this past Thursday morning at Starbucks on Park Avenue, and we walked toward Rollins, coffee in hand. Before we even reached the stop light at the corner of Park and Fairbanks, we had already touched on concepts of emergence (in nature and in spirit), cultural tipping points, consciousness, and how creative practice can change the brain. We were headed to the studio of WPRK 91.5 FM at Rollins where Jared is the host of Functionally Literate Radio. And I was to be interviewed. But it became clear later that, in a way, the interview had already begun.

And the conversation just got better as we settled into the WPRK studio at Rollins while Jared took care of the necessary technical set up for his weekly conversations with an eclectic array of local and visiting creatives. And while I was happy to be there to talk about my own creative brainchild, LifeArt Studio, the real thrill of this interview was seeing a former student moving out into the world with all of the vision, potential, and talent that I saw in him during his Rollins days. Though he came into my Writer’s Studio class already a talented and published writer, and with an up and running career in film making and editing, I knew the minute I met him he was a spark in the world, a lively and provocative mind, an innovative thinker, and someone who takes action on his creative ambitions. Oh the joy of teaching Rollins students.

Jared is the host of the very successful Functionally Literate Reading Series, as well as host of Functionally Literate Radio. It was so deeply satisfying to be interviewed by him, and to see how deftly he handled both the technical side of producing a radio show and the creative side. It was my first time to be interviewed, and he made me feel perfectly at ease, explaining exactly how things would go. And while he didn’t tell me ahead of time what he was going to ask, once the interview began, he skillfully picked up where we had left off on our walk, leading me into a conversation on practice, creativity, the obstacles creatives face, and more.

From my side of the table, this interview felt more like a real conversation I was getting to have with a very smart, funny, and talented man. I got to see Jared doing what he does on Functionally Literate Radio every week: talking sincerely, passionately, curiously, and authentically about ideas that matter to us all.

That’s good radio. That’s good conversation. That’s good creating.

I hope you agree. You can find the interview here, and many more where that one came from. Its website claims “FL Radio is a celebration of literary culture and community in Orlando, FL and beyond.” If you want to add celebratory practice to your repertoire of creativity practices, tune in to WPRK 95.1 every Thursday at 9:00 a.m.

Let’s make it a date!