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DSCN0508Today, many of you are completing the 21 days of meditations on gratitude with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. If you have found these guided meditations helpful in establishing your own meditative practice, you might now be looking around for another good mediation teacher. I'd like to recommend Tara Brach, a truly gifted practitioner and teacher of meditation who offers many excellent guided meditations on her website. For a delightful introduction to Tara Brach, listen to Tim Ferriss' recent interview of her on The Tim Ferris Show. She tells Ferriss that meditation is "evolution's strategy to bring out our full potential. Just the way we know we need exercise to maximize our body's health, we need to mentally train, too. The training of the heart-mind activates the part of the frontal cortex where there is a neural circuitry that leads to a larger perspective, better executive functioning, access to more compassion and empathy, and to higher forms of collaboration. The more we learn to direct our attention, the more we have access to whole-brain thinking."

Toward the end of the interview (and fair warning: it's a long interview), Brach explains the importance of retreating and stepping out of the busy-ness of our lives on a regular basis— not an easy practice to establish in our packed lives. But she says, "When we unplug, we open to something bigger, something wider and more mysterious." We free ourselves from the trance of FOMO and let something new rise up.

When the summer coaching and workshops sessions come to an end at LifeArt Studio this month, I'll head into my semi-annual five-day retreat. It's my opportunity to step away from the need to DO, and to realign myself with the pleasure of simply BEING. I'll slow down, get quiet, listen to what wants to be heard in my heart. This retreat serves as a very important mid-year assessment on how things are going for me in both my personal and my professional life. I'll come back to the studio rested, revived, with more energy and focus to modify and accomplish my remaining goals for 2015.

I'm hoping, as we head into the dog days of summer, that you, too, can take Brach's advice and find time to retreat, creating the space, spirit, and energy to live your best life.

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Photo credit:  Linda Moffitt

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