I Am Addicted to Podcasts!

6af38734-3db1-4283-a207-a92782852399I am often asked what websites and blogs I pay attention. There are several that I check regularly, and by regularly I don't mean every day, but for sure every week. Here’s the short list by categories: Health, Nutrition, and Vitality

• Two that I check for research and advice on health, nutrition, and vitality are Dave Asprey's podcasts on Bulletproofexec.com and Dr. Joseph Mercola's overwhelmingly informative articles on health, wellness, and sustainability. Both provide impeccable research to support their claims.

• Fairly often I check in with Jonathan Bailor at SANE Solutions. He addresses the calorie myth beautifully.

• I have learned so much Dr. Sara Gottfried’s book The Hormone Cure, and her website at saragottfriedmd.com. She’s my go-to source for women’s issues, especially hormone regulation.

• I look at several food sites pretty regularly, but the one I like a lot is Sonnet Lauberth's In Sonnet's Kitchen. Beautifully designed, this site has great recipes and inspires healthy eating.

Literature and Spirituality

• Every Sunday I look forward to Maria Popova's Brainpickings for beautifully written reviews of literature covering many genres.

• Then there is Krista Tippett's podcast On Being, remarkable interviews focusing on spirituality with a wide array of artists, thinkers, and thought leaders.

• Tami Simon is a superb interviewer and every week she offers wonderful conversations at soundstrue.com on topics having to do with mediation, Buddhism, and many aspects of spirituality.

Psychology and Emotional Health

• In the realm of psychology, emotional well-being, and neuropsychology, I depend on Rick Hanson's Just One Thing newsletters, and his Foundations of Well Being course.

• Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond's Dear Sugar podcast on WBUR radio (Boston) is inspiring, thoughtful, informative, and just plain fun.

• And almost every night I need a Jerry Seinfeld fix. It works much better than ice cream, and sometimes better than therapy. His Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is sure to end my day in laughter.

High Performance

• Tim Ferriss, connoisseur of all things excellent and challenging, produces very long podcasts at fourhourworkweek.com, relentlessly pursuing the habits of high performance people.   Yes, these conversations are rambling and sometimes bizarre, but very entertaining, and always instructive.

Creativity, Design, and Entrepreneurship

• My teacher, mentor, and coach, Jeffrey Davis, has one of the best websites around for creative inspiration and guidance, and all things wonder-filled. He doesn’t produce a podcast, but his frequent short films and webinars are superb and inspiring.  You can find him at trackingwonder.com.

• I enjoy Jonathan Field's skilled interviews of artists, entrepreneurs, and various and sundry outrageous and/or remarkable human beings on his Good Life Project.

Accidental Creative is a consultancy helping creative teams and creative professionals generate ideas quickly and be more productive. Founder Todd Henry offers short podcasts on working creatively and productively in an “on-demand” world. His books, The Accidental Creative and Die Empty, are excellent.

• And finally, every Sunday afternoon I get a wonderful newsletter from 99U: Insights on Making Ideas Happen filled with interesting reviews, inspiring videos, and instructive articles on business, design, and the creative life. Definitely one of my favorites these days.

OK, enough. That's the short list!

Thanks for stopping by the LifeArt Studio today, and while I hope you don't become as hopelessly addicted to podcasts as I am, I do hope this idiosyncratic review has been helpful.

Have a deliciously creative day!

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