Rex Jung on Creativity

rex-jung_main-inside_outGood Monday morning fellow creatives! I want to recommend a wonderful interview that Krista Tippett did last week with neuropsychologist Rex Jung.   Jung studies the neuroscience of intelligence and creativity, and in this interview he debunks many myths about the way each emerge in the human brain.  Early on in the interview he says he was drawn to study creativity because it is

"a uniquely human characteristic that provides meaning in life."

This interview is so encouraging for those who believe creativity is something you either have or don't have:  luck of the draw.  He asserts, as many artists do, that creativity is a condition that can be cultivated because we come into the world with the innate capacity to think, act, and live in innovative, inspiring, novel, useful, beautiful ways.  There's your definition of creativity!

So if you are resisting (or tamping down) a desire to live more intensely and creatively, to shape the work, the relationships, or the art that make your life meaningful, I urge you to listen to this fascinating conversation between Tippett and Rex Jung.  And then, begin listening to and nurturing those small voices that are urging you to create.

InspirationLezlie Laws