We've Been Sizzled!

19667183075_c3f5506fd2_mSometime in 2011, as I was playing around with a new pink Tombow brush pen in my art journal, I drew the words LifeArt Studio. Big, pink flourishes of lettering on a clear white page. It was a satisfying moment because once those words appeared on the page, a business existed in my mind. I immediately started asking what this business was about. Pages and pages of exploratory writing followed. What is this studio? What happens here? What does it look like? What kind of people come to it? Lots of questions with few answers. I had no space, I had no money, I had no staff. But something was emerging, something I wanted to express and share was coming into focus, and I decided to see where this glimmer of an idea might take me.

Within days of writing those words, I started working with my writing coach, Jeffrey Davis, to create the mission and core ideas of LifeArt Studio. And before I knew it, I procured the services of a lawyer, a web designer, a graphic designer, a local printer, and a business coach, and within a few intense months, LifeArt Studio was open for business.

I have written hundreds of pages of copy trying to create and clarify the mission and driving impulse behind those first pink flourishes of lettering. That writing has been one of the most exciting, challenging, overwhelming, and creative endeavors I've undertaken in my long career as a teacher, writer, and self-proclaimed creative.

The challenge all along has been to understand what we are, what we want to offer, the kind of change we want to facilitate, and the ideas we want to promote. And then, to make sure that knowledge infuses every event, coaching session, workshop, and conversation that we offer. Just as each of us must find our “ONE thing” and nurture that in our lives, so, too, a business must find the core reason it exists. And while I’ve written and written into that question, producing web content, coaching documents, workshop handbooks, blogs, and hundreds of client session reviews, I’ve discovered everything I’ve been trying to say comes down to one thing that LifeArt Studio exists for:

to help people find the clarity, focus, and skillful means necessary to create the lives they want to live.

That was satisfying!

And now, to continue the on-going creative process of promoting the LifeArt mission, we’ve created a “sizzle reel.”  (I chuckle about this because a year ago I didn’t even know what a sizzle reel was.) But with help from the creative minds of Darlyn and Brad of Brad Kuhn and Associates, and film editor and interviewer Jared Silvia, the LifeArt mission has been sizzled to a bright, clear statement of purpose.

And here it is for your pleasure! We share this two-minute clip with our community with deep gratitude to all of you who have participated in our workshops, events, and coaching sessions. YOU are the real stars of this little video—and of this little business which just three years ago was nothing more than a pink flourish on an otherwise empty page of my journal.   We so admire and applaud your serious dedication to the process of creative emergence. Thank you!




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